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    The Sun Ridge Course in Spiritual Development is designed for people devoted to deepening personal and universal awareness and compassion. It is for those who are motivated toward weaving the love that they are into the unique fabric of their lives. It is designed to provide support through the process of learning over a set course of weekend retreats and onging contact.

2017 Schedule

January 13-15 / February 24-26 / April 7-9
May 19-21 / July 21-23 / September 8-10
October 20-22 / December 8-10

I am breaking cycles of suffering. I have learned in the Course for Spiritual Development how to heal myself and move gracefully through the adventure of my life. - P.I.

"Propelled along the surface of life, I formed an identity I dont remember shaping. I became something I never intended to be. These weekends jarred me into a new way of thinking that collided with my old way of being. Today I perceive life differently." - J.M.

"The Course in Spiritual Development has been a beautiful journey into my own heart, cultivating a deep spiritual relationship with my true self." - L.W.

    Dawn Zurlinden is the teacher at Sun Ridge. She has been a Spiritual teacher in service for ten years. She has been teaching this course for over four years. Dawn came from Christian and Buddhist beginnings. She personally studied many years with don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), until the path opened as all earnest paths do into the universal truth of all paths. People from all religions and philosophies have studied with Dawn. Its been said that when the vision is clear, all teachings are the same. This course is for the clear vision that opens hearts and changes lives!

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