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Healing Power Journey to Teotihuacan
April 4-9, 2017

Revitalizing the experience of life...

Dawn invites all seekers to join her on this spiritual trip.

Teotihuacan is a powerful sacred site of ancient pyramids in central Mexico. It was the center of the Toltec civilization. Toltec means artist. In Teo, Toltec Masters practiced and taught students how to liberate themselves from confining lives and how to create lives of excitement, love and peace - "masterpeace".

Today, Teo is again alive and open to meet your emerging spirit. This journey is deeply personal, unique to each traveler and connective at the same time. We will walk down the Avenue of the Dead, Dream with the Masters, step through portals to freedom and climb the Pyramid of the Sun to the Truth of love.

$1,295 d/o - Cost of trip includes lodging AND lovingly-prepared regional cuisine at The Dreaming House, all teachings, transfers and site admissions. Full payment is due by February 1st. (Cost for a single room is $1,495.)

For more information, please call Dawn at (931) 996-9278 or send an e-mail to link on this page.

Download the PDF Flyer.

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